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United States
Hello everyone!
I'm Anthony, also known as newyorkx3.

I was born and rise here in Brooklyn, NY and I'm still living in the city to this day. If I have time I would draw comics, pin-ups, or pictures for my spare time to entertaining others. I mostly draw a lot of traditional art and follow a lot of anime and cartoons back in the 80s and 90s. Mostly Hayao Miyazaki's work from my childhood times.

However I spend most of my time on the road since April 2017 as a Taxi/Standard Limo driver in New York. Helping people and friends getting places where they needed to go. Do I love this job? Yes of course! I love going places and love driving.

This is where I posted my artwork here for a great entertainment for everyone to enjoy!
Or you can join me at my Tumblr blog: thank you!



It's taking it's toll. I got too much things on my mind. Every time when I'm away from friends and family, I get depressed and angry easily. Wondering what to do with my life and of course my lost Uncle. I wish he's still here, I really want him to see my car which I brought for my job doing taxiing. This which upsets me the most, he did saw me grew more stronger than before. When he saw me slaving at the retail store, he was really upset about it. At that time I did got my Taxi License and didn't know what to do with it. He helped me getting a job doing car service which he did. I was driving that Ford Transit for temporary before I bought a car. At a certain time, my Uncle fell very ill and not for long he's gone. At that time, he and his friend helped me getting a Toyota Sienna which I'm driving now. The sad thing is, he's not here to see it. He's not here to see how much I've become more successful because of him. I really wanted to drive that car with him in it... I still have dreams about it now and then. Which upsets me the most. Everyday as I wake up, going to work, not feeling happy anymore. I don't have the energy to keep up. I used to drive 8 to 10 hours without any problems, but now with my depression and anger. I can only do 4 or less. By not making much money which upsets me a lot. I never felt so worn out at the end of my day since I last left at my old job. Trust me, I tried coffee, didn't help. My body is irritated from it so coffee is out. Drinking water or soda may help, but still, I feel like shit. Recently, I really wanted to smoke like 2 pack of cigarettes a day to ease my pain. Or go find some drinks when I get home from work. To my mind, telling myself saying; "Don't make the same mistake as your Uncle did. Look where he end up..." I talked to some one, and telling him that I want to do these things. It's didn't help, like he said to me, okay go do it. Like it's telling me it's okay to kill yourself. Doesn't matter, driving in New York City everyday with crazy traffic, any day I might get killed in a traffic accident. Tell you what, driving while under depression and anger is even more scary. At one moment I may say screw it and ruin myself.  

I feel like building a wall around me because, no one really understands what's going on with me. Talking to people recently didn't help. I think this will be my last journal about my problems.      
A Promise
I made that promise to my Uncle that day when I visited him at the hospital. I was planning to take a day off to pick him up when he gets better but... he's gone....

From time to time I would by pass that hospital while driving in the city and can't help thinking about that day...

Also, that song "Rainbow" by Sia reminds me of what happened to me recently. If you haven't read my journal.
Why am I angry and depressed? No one understands. When I talk, no one understands what I go through. It's just... Ugh I'm done. I'll just keep quiet from now on.
I've seen the trailer, the animation looks so Disney. Everything looks so Disney.

Okay besides that, I'm not sure if I can be able to watch this movie. Maybe later when it comes out on DVD or something because I'm very busy needed to make much money as I can from the lost. I know this sounds like I'm repeating myself a million times. The theme song, I heard it... guys can this song tribute to me and my Uncle? This song really spoke out... I nearly cried. This part, "I can see the rainbow, in your tears as they fall on down. I can see your soul grow, through the pain as they hit the ground." Why? Before my Uncle passed away, he told me, that I was growing becoming more successful when I started working as a Car Service Driver. He helped me, he gave this job to me and left my last job at that retail store, which I wasn't happy working there. Because of bad pay and no respect from anyone. The last thing, was me standing besides my Uncle in the hospital bed crying my soul out. He was in a coma can't wake up at all... I still remember his words as he spoke to my Grandpa, "He's changed! He's a completely different now than before. I can see him growing and becoming successful."

Why did he have to go? Why him? He's still young... now he's gone, he can't see how much I'll grow and becoming more successful. Even though he's gone, I still want him to know I'm going to make it to the top.…
Don't Worry So Much
Depression still inside... how many months has it been since my Uncle passed? No matter, as days goes by, driving, stressed out, worrying, trouble sleeping at nights... I don't feel the same person anymore. I get more angry and upset very easily but still remind under control.

Driving in the city everyday, I haven't talked too much to people, I mean my job is to drive, not to chit chat with your customer unless he/she wants to talk to you. I wish I could find someone to talk to which who understands. I know Mikey is one of them because he's more of a father to me. After I watched Taxi Driver, a scene where Travis talks to "The Wizard" where he tells him "Don't worry so much!" Cabbie is our old Ponycon mascot and if he's a real person to talk to, he'll probably tell me the same thing.

Everyday, now and then, I get angry and depressed. I get the feeling where no one understands me at all. I feel so screwed up.       


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